(2018 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Breaking Squelch
2. Bright Ambitious Lie
3. Outside The Wire
4. Defenseless
5. Bullet Sponge
6. Fixed And Dilated
7. Hard Bent
8. Last Stand
10. Defenseless (Unarmed Version)

"A harrowing collection of ten songs...the music has an alluring attraction in which the listener becomes fully engrossed..." —Emerging Indie BandsThe alternative metal/rock album is Eaton's sophomore release and made KCSC 95.5FM Radio's Top 30.

(2011 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Sobriety
2. The Preacher
3. Ovis Aries
4. Tinnitus
5. Sobriety II
6. When I Die
7. You're A Hurricane
8. Crazy
9. Graphic Nature
10. So Cruel
11. The One Who Shines

Eaton's debut full-length album featuring Seal's mega-hit "Crazy." “Graphic Nature displays the tenacity of the Foo Fighters, the diverse proginess of Porcupine Tree, and the sensible pop qualities of The Fray..." — Illinois Entertainer

(2018 Eatin' Records -MP3)
1. Defenseless

The first single for the album, Hard Bent. A gritty, acoustic rock song centered around the tragedy of war. Despite the dark nature and gut-wrenching lyrics, the music has an alluring attraction in which the listener becomes fully engrossed. "'Defenseless' was by far my favorite...This song, although sad in nature, was beautifully done acoustically...The lyrics are deep and meaningful." — Boston Rock Radio. The single has almost 30K streams on Spotify in just a few months.  

KARI - Single
(2009 Eatin' Records -MP3)
1. Kari

Pop/rock laced with clean electric guitar tones, four-part harmonies, the classic Rhodes piano sound, and playful drumming. This was the first single by Eaton as a solo artist. And as he does on all his solo projects, Eaton wrote, performed and recorded all the instruments and vocals.


(2008 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Murder Of The Minds
2. Hypnotic Fever

Originally recorded in 1993, as part of a three-song demo, North decided not to include the 2 tracks on their 1994 debut album. After a decade and a half, the tracks were remastered and finally released. "Murder Of The Minds" now has over 44K Pandora Radio Spins...one of their most popular songs.


(1994 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Woe...
2. Temples of Dust
3. Days Without Number
4. Strong
5. Hearing Aid
6. A Peace of My Bone
7. Veteran's Day
8. I Come Quickly
9. Still Alive
10. Genocidal World

Their debut album, "if Nine Inch Nails and Sepultura were to copulate, their offspring would be North." "Veteran's Day" debuted at number 13 on WITR’s (NY) radio charts and went to number 7 in its second week of rotation. LEARN MORE...


(1995 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Dancing in the Sun
2. This Heart of Mine
3. Win or Lose
4. Other Days
5. Take Me Higher
6. Tell Me
7. Sometimes
8. I Still See Blue
9. Your Love For Me
10. Secret Heart

Brian Eaton: drums, percussion, keyboards & producer/engineer. 

"Sanfilip manages to deliver his tales of love, loss and caring with sincerity and integrity." — Illinois Entertainer. "A slick, well-produced platter of easy-listening pop." — OIL Magazine. Eaton is also featured on the albums Out Of The Dark and In Every Dream.

(1995 Eatin' Records - CD/MP3)
1. Emerald Skies
2. Parallel Lines
3. At the River's Edge
4. Metallic Hoe Down
5. Game Show
6. El Rio de Tiempo
7. Cincinnati
8. Tears
9. Haunting
10. April
11. The Duel
Brian Eaton: producer/engineer

The debut album from the guitar hero. Credits include: Dee Snider's new album, tours with Yngwie Malmsteem, Bad Company, Ted Nuggent, Michael Schenker, & Vinnie Moore. LEARN MORE...

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"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."  —Frank Zappa

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