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"Graphic Nature displays the tenacity of the Foo Fighters, the diverse proginess of Porcupine Tree, and the sensible pop qualities of The Fray."

Kelley Simms, Illinois Entertainer


Graphic Nature swings with sounds reminiscent of Progressive Rock blended with Industrial Overtones, and topped with Psychedelic and Grunge Harmonies.

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05/06/2017        Local Loft                 Online                  On-Air Interview & airplay of "Tinnitus"

06/17/2011        WRSE 88.7 FM           Elmhurst, IL        On-Air Interview & Live Performance

04/21/2011        The Kat 105.5FM       Kankakee, IL       On-Air Interview & Airplay of "Sobriety," "Tinnitus," and "Graphic Nature"

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